Pup’s looking at you, kid: Puppies can understand human cues from very young age

Puppies understand human cues
Canine Companions for Independence

“While dogs can eventually learn to listen to their owners, some pups seem to be born with an innate ability to understand humans, research published Thursday in the journal Current Biology suggests.

At just 8 weeks old, some of the puppies in the study showed a startling willingness to lock eyes with humans they didn’t know and to take command cues, such as directions pointed out with a finger….”


Cat that vanished 15 years ago is reunited with owner

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control / via AP

“A cat that went astray about 15 years ago has been reunited, older and maybe wiser, with its owner.

Brandy, a brown tabby, was reunited Monday afternoon with Charles, who adopted her as a 2-month-old kitten in 2005.

“It’s amazing. I think it’s unbelievable,” he said Thursday….”


Rescue Dogs: Photographer Shows Her Dogs Nature’s Beauty After Rescuing Them From the Streets of Romania

Rescue Dogs
Anne Geier/My Modern Met

Rescue Dogs: “Dogs make great travel companions. Curious and playful, they are often ready and willing to go on an adventure. Austrian photographer Anne Geier highlights this fact in her travel photography that stars her two beautiful pups named Yuri and Finn. Alongside Geier, they trek to mountains, beaches, and lakes, traversing the rocky terrain and taking in the expansive views of the crystal waters in Norway. The results are wanderlust-inducing images that showcase the breathtaking beauty of nature and the wonder it inspires from both humans and pups….


31-pound cat so cute, he’s irresistible like gravity

Irresistible Cat
Molly Wald, BestFriends.org

“There’s something irresistible about nice, round cats. You can’t help but love them and their roly-poly snuggles. Monkey was no exception to the Monkey was no exception to the irresistible cat trend.

When his 31 pounds of pure adorable arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, everyone was drawn to him. He was often the center of attention, which was just the way he liked it, never too far from an adoring human friend and a nice back scratch. Of course, too much weight isn’t healthy on a cat, so we were ready to help him slim down….”


5 Animal Stories That Will Make Your Day

Animal Stories
World Animal Protection

“We all need some good news to brighten our day sometimes and this is one of those times.

Sometimes it’s important to be reminded of some of the happier tales and accomplishments you helped us achieve for animals.

Here are some animal stories that will hopefully make you smile….”


CAT TIME: Can My Cat Tell Time?


CAT TIME: “Have you ever wondered how your cat always knows exactly when to start meowing like crazyyyyyy for food RIGHT. ON. TIME. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?

Or how she knows to wake you up as soon as the sun starts rising?

Like jeez, it’s SUNDAY. Doesn’t she know it’s a morning to sleep in?

All these things beg the question: Can cats tell time?….”